Dominate the Local Market: What Are Google Local Service Ads

"From Clicks to Leads: Embracing Google Local Service Ads!"

Do you ever find yourself wondering how certain businesses always seem to pop up at the top of Google search results, capturing the attention of eager customers? Well, the answer is Google Local Services Ads (LSAs). According to recent studies, businesses that leverage Google’s Local Services Ads witness a remarkable 70% increase in the number of leads compared to traditional advertising methods. The conversion rates of these leads are an astonishing 30% higher, translating to more satisfied customers and a surge in your bottom line.

Now, you might be wondering, “What are Google Local Service Ads? How does it work?” Let’s uncover how Google Local Services Ads can propel your business to the summit of success. Trust me; you won’t want to miss a single word!

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What Are Google Local Service Ads?

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Google Local Service Ads (LSAs) is a highly targeted and localized advertising format offered by Google to connect local service providers with potential customers in their immediate vicinity. Such ads are designed to promote local businesses such as plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, locksmiths, painters, and other service-oriented professionals.

Unlike traditional Google ads that rely on keywords and bids to determine placement, Google Local Service Ads are triggered based on specific service-related searches in a local area. When users search for services like “plumbers near me” or “house cleaning services nearby,” Google displays LSAs at the top of the search results or in other prominent ad placements.

To appear on Google Local Service Ads, businesses need to undergo a thorough verification process conducted by Google. This verification ensures that the businesses meet certain quality and legitimacy standards, providing customers with trustworthy and reliable options.

The format of these ads is designed to be concise and informative, offering essential details such as the business name, location, contact information, operating hours, customer reviews, and ratings. Customers can easily connect with the businesses by clicking the ad or even messaging them directly from the ad itself, facilitating seamless communication and prompt inquiries.

Which Countries Are Eligible For Local Service Ads?

These countries support Google Local Service Ads:

  1. United States
  2. Canada
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Austria
  5. Germany
  6. France
  7. Italy
  8. Brazil
  9. Japan
  10. Singapore
  11. Mexico
  12. Belgium

Which Businesses Are Eligible For Local Service Ads?

Following are the businesses supported by Google Local Service Ads:

  1. Plumbers
  2. Electricians
  3. HVAC Technicians
  4. Locksmiths
  5. House Cleaners
  6. Pest Control Services
  7. Garage Door Specialists
  8. Roofing Contractors
  9. Lawn Care and Landscaping Services
  10. Handyman Services
  11. Appliance Repair Technicians
  12. Carpet Cleaners
  13. Window Cleaners
  14. Moving Companies
  15. Auto Repair Shops
  16. Tutors and Educational Services
  17. Pet Groomers
  18. Personal Trainers
  19. Event Planners
  20. Mobile Auto Detailing Services

6 Benefits of Google's Local Service Ads You Must Know!

Local SEO vs National

Harness the power of Google’s advertising platform empowers you to reach vast audiences, target precisely, control your budget, and measure success with unmatched precision. The following are some benefits of Google LSAs:

1. Prominent Placement

Local Service Ads appear at the top of the Google SERP results, above the organic listings and even above the paid ads. This prime placement increases the visibility of your specific business, making it more likely for potential customers to see and click on your ad.

2. Easy Booking and Communication

Local Service Ads make it easy for customers to get in touch with your business. With just a click on the ad, customers can call your business or send a message. This seamless communication can lead to more inquiries and bookings.

3. Gain Trust with the Google Guarantee

Google’s Local Service Ads feature a green checkmark badge next to the business name. This badge signifies that the business has been verified and meets Google’s standards for quality and customer service. It enhances trust and credibility in the eyes of consumers, increasing the likelihood of them choosing your business over competitors.

4. Expand the Reach of Your Paid Search Ads

Who wouldn’t want their business to be omnipresent? Enter Google Local Service Ads, the catalyst that amplifies the reach of your paid search ads like never before. Your business takes center stage, positioned above all else, magnetizing seekers of your services and leaving competitors in awe of your prominence.

5. Be Included in Voice Search Responses

Let your business resonate through the airwaves as voice search takes center stage! Google Local Service Ads embrace the futuristic realm of voice-activated inquiries, propelling your enterprise to the forefront of voice search responses. As the digital assistant utters your business name with utmost admiration, potential customers listen attentively, ready to embark on a journey of trust and top-notch services.

6. No Ads or Keywords to Manage

Breathe a sigh of relief as the shackles of keyword juggling and ad management are shattered! With Google Local Service Ads, you’re liberated from the labyrinth of ad complexity. No more sleepless nights spent crafting the perfect keywords or fine-tuning ad campaigns. Instead, focus your energy on what truly matters – delivering exceptional service to your ever-expanding clients. Watch as your business thrives while your competitors grapple with the intricacies of ad management.

Learn How To Get Started With Google Local Service Ads

Confirm your eligibility

Before diving into the world of Google Local Service Ads (LSAs), ensure that your business is eligible for the program. LSAs primarily cater to home services and professional services, so make sure your business falls under one of these categories.

Create your business profile

business owner in London

Visit the Google Ads website by typing “” in your web browser and sign in with your existing Google My Business account or create a new one.

Once logged in, click on the “Tools & Settings” icon (a wrench-shaped symbol) located in the top-right corner of the page. From the drop-down menu, select “Switch to expert mode.”

Next, click on “Setup” and follow the steps to create your first campaign.

Step 1: Selecting Campaign Goals

Choose the primary goal for your campaign, such as “Sales,” “Leads,” “Website Traffic,” or “Brand Awareness.” This choice will guide Google in optimizing your ads for your desired outcomes.

Step 2: Choosing a Campaign Type

Select the campaign type that aligns with your goals. Common options include “Search,” “Display,” “Shopping,” “Video,” or “App.”

Step 3: Naming Your Campaign

Choose a descriptive and unique name for your campaign. This helps with organization and tracking in the future.

Step 4: Setting Your Budget and Bidding

Define your daily budget, which is the maximum amount you’re willing to spend per day on the campaign. Choose a bidding strategy that suits your objectives, such as manual CPC or target CPA.

Step 5: Selecting Locations and Language

Specify the geographic locations where you want your ads to appear. You can target countries, regions, cities, or even a specific radius around your business. Choose the language that your target audience speaks.

Step 6: Creating Ad Extensions

Enhance your ads with extensions like site links, callouts, and structured snippets to provide more information and improve ad visibility.

Step 7: Designing Your Ad

Craft compelling ad copy and headlines that resonate with your audience and showcase your unique selling points. Add attractive images or videos for visual impact.

Add Your License and Insurance Details

Instill trust in potential customers by providing your license and insurance details on your GMB profile. This step is crucial for qualifying for the Google Guarantee program, which offers customers added confidence and may lead to more inquiries.

● Verify and Qualify for the Google Guarantee

Complete the verification process to qualify for the Google Guarantee. This seal of approval demonstrates your business’s commitment to delivering quality services, assuring customers of reimbursement if they are unsatisfied with your work.

● Define Your Service Areas and Hours

Specify the locations where your business provides services, ensuring that LSAs target relevant audiences within your service areas. Also, set your operating hours to let potential customers know when they can contact or visit your business.

● Optimize Your LSA Content

Craft compelling ad content that highlights your unique selling points and value proposition. Create concise, attention-grabbing headlines and descriptions that encourage potential customers to choose your business over competitors.

● Manage and Respond to Leads

As inquiries start flowing in through LSAs, promptly respond to customer messages and phone calls. Efficient lead management and excellent customer service are crucial for converting leads into loyal customers.

Monitor Performance and Make Adjustments

Regularly monitor the performance of your LSAs to identify what works best for your business. Analyze data on leads, conversions, and return on investment (ROI) to make informed decisions and optimize your campaign accordingly.


In conclusion, Now you have a better understanding of “What are Google Local Service Ads,” so don’t wait and gain trust, expand your reach, and thrive in the local market. With the Google Guarantee back your services, you can instill confidence in potential customers, while the pay-per-lead model ensures a cost-effective approach to advertising. Embracing LSAs means standing tall among competitors, unlocking the potential of voice search, and establishing a powerful online presence. It’s time to seize this unique and transformative advertising avenue and elevate your business to new heights of success. 

frequently asked questions

Unlike traditional Google ads, Local Service Ads target specific home services and professional services, presenting businesses as trustworthy choices for potential customers. The Google Guarantee, exclusive to LSAs, provides added assurance and reimbursement for unsatisfied customers.

Google Local Service Ads (LSAs) are dynamic advertising tools that directly connect local businesses with potential customers seeking specific services. With a pay-per-lead model, LSAs ensure businesses only pay for real customer inquiries, making it a powerful and cost-effective solution for local business growth.

While Google Local Service Ads are highly effective for home services and professional services, they may not be applicable to all industries. LSAs focus on connecting local businesses with customers seeking specific services like plumbers, electricians, and lawyers. It’s essential to check if your business aligns with the eligible categories before diving into LSAs.

By displaying the coveted green check mark badge, LSAs signify that your business has been verified and meets Google’s high-quality standards. This verification builds trust and credibility in the eyes of potential customers, making them more inclined to choose your services over competitors.

Absolutely! Google Local Service Ads allow you to define specific service areas, ensuring that your ads target relevant local audiences. This precision targeting enables you to dominate your local market and reach potential customers where it matters most.

Optimizing your LSAs involves crafting compelling ad content, highlighting your unique selling points, and providing clear information about your services. Additionally, prompt and efficient lead management, along with excellent customer service, contributes to better performance and higher conversion rates.

Yes, you can! Google Local Service Ads operate on a pay-per-lead basis, allowing you to set a budget based on your business goals and capacity. This ensures you invest wisely in potential customer inquiries, maximizing your return on investment.

Indeed! Embrace the futuristic world of voice search, as Google Local Service Ads are integrated with voice-activated digital assistants. Your business’s name will gracefully respond to voice inquiries, increasing your visibility to a whole new audience.

When potential customers reach out to your business through LSAs, it’s essential to respond promptly to their messages or calls. Efficient lead management and excellent customer service play a vital role in converting these inquiries into loyal, satisfied clients.

Google Local Service Ads and traditional Google Ads serve different purposes. LSAs focus on local service-based businesses and offer the Google Guarantee, while traditional Google Ads cover a broader range of industries. The choice depends on your business goals and the audience you wish to target.

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