Technical SEO Agency; Our Secret Strategies for Solving Your Website's Technical Problems

Proven technical SEO Services To Revive Your Website's Performance.

Is your website stuck

Is your website stuck in a rut due to technical SEO problems?

 And you must be tired of dealing with the headaches caused by technical SEO issues. Don’t worry; our professional technical SEO agency is here to solve all your technical problems. We have the knowledge and resources to revive your website’s performance and bring it back to life. Digikon solutions, the leading technical SEO agency, feels super pride in helping businesses and driving real results. Our team of SEO experts is ready to offer technical services that meet your requirements and optimize your website in SERP. You can avail our services for any technical issue, whether it’s project support, consultancy, or management of your website.

We are here to tackle any technical challenge that comes your way
A Quick Introduction To Technical SEO And Why Is It crucial for your website

Technical SEO is a process that ensures your website is optimized according to search engines’ guidelines or algorithms. It ensures your website gets crawled and indexed by search engine spider bots without any problem.

Technical SEO includes a lot of practices like speed optimizations, website auditing, user experience optimization, and many more
Here Are 4 Critical Reasons Why You Must Get Technical SEO Before Its Too Late

Technical SEO is the building block of a website that makes sure your site fulfills all the search engine algorithms requirements so it gets crawled, indexed, and ranked by the search engine. If you want to rank your business at the top of search results, then technical SEO support is all you need.

You Are Losing 80% Of Customers From Mobile devices

Nowadays, mobile devices have more usage than computers and laptops. According to a survey conducted that says, 80% of your customers use mobile devices to explore your website.—that is why mobile device optimization is a core element of website ranking. If your website isn't optimized for mobile devices, it leaves a bad impression on users and increases the bounce rate. Technical search engine optimization also supports optimizing your website for mobile phones to make it more user-friendly.

To identify Your website's flaws, you need a technical audit

With good technical SEO audits, you can easily identify your website's weaknesses to optimize them. Knowing and resolving all these issues can greatly improve your website's performance and revenues. Our professional and expert SEO team will provide you with full technical and marketing support and guidance. Want to get more website traffic and yield greater financial returns without incurring excessive expenses? You can acquire our on-page off page technical SEO services from here and take your website to the next level.

technical issues? Your Site Can Never Rank

If you want to rank your website at the top pages, it can only happen if you have fully optimized it with all technical SEO elements. Technical search engine optimization can help you improve the visibility of your website to the organic audience, thus increasing traffic.

Slow Speed, Ultimately ruining Your Traffic

You know Google doesn't rank slower websites as it impacts user engagement. If your website also has speed issues, then the technical SEO services are all you need. With technical search engine optimization, you can easily optimize your website to satisfy Google's algorithms.

Taking your site on top of SERP with Our Technical SEO Services
Improve your website's health with our premium technical SEO services.

As one of the most professional ecommerce technical SEO agencies, we provide top-notch SEO services. Please have a look at the wide range of services that we offer.

Speed optimization

Website speed is the most vital factor in the user's experience with your website. Longer loading times increase bounce rates and leave a bad impression on your visitors. If you want to rank your website, you need to improve your website's performance. We can help you with website speed optimization by analyzing and determining all the problems that are responsible for your website's slow speed. This will gradually help to recover all of your lost visitors and improve user experience.

Image optimization

Images play a vital role in describing different things related to your website's content. Suppose your images are not optimized according to SEO rules like ideal format, size, resolutions, and many more. Then, it can affect your ranking in search engines. We can help you optimize your website's images with the right size, format, resolution, and Meta tags so that even search engine crawlers can understand page context and rank your website. And it will also boost your SEO ranking.

Website SEO audit and analysis

As a leading technical SEO firm, we offer full-fledged website audit services. In our technical SEO auditing services, we deeply analyze your website to identify and fix all the technical issues. Our SEO audits analyze technical factors such as speed, mobile performance, XML, and crawl errors. Our website audit and analysis drive the best results in no time. To avail our affordable technical SEO audit services, you can visit this page.

Server log file analysis

Log files contain a lot of information regarding how people have accessed your website and what tasks they performed on it. It also has records about search engine spiders like google bots . We do full log analysis and provide you full insights into your website so we can build a better SEO strategy that is liked by google crawlers. Our secret SEO strategy will definitely take your website to new heights.

Website migration

Migration of a website is a very complex and sensitive process, as a minor mistake can ruin your website's performance and traffic. We can help migrate your website correctly without impacting your website's performance and ranking. Our professional SEO experts handle this process with great care keeping all SEO factors in check.

Google's penalty recovery

Is your website penalized by Google? And you want to recover your website. Don't worry; we can help. After Google's algorithms update, the penguin, panda, and many more penalty filters put down thousands of sites. If you are also a victim of such penalties, we can help fully recover your website after identifying and resolving all the problems that caused it.

Website architecture & amp, structure analysis

The way you categorize and interlink your website's structure affects search engine crawlers and end users. If you want to optimize your website for users and Google, you need a good technical SEO agency to do all these optimizations. We can help you create a dynamic and unique website structure and also help you optimize your web pages with (AMP).

Mobile SEO

If you desire to optimize your website fully, mobile SEO is one of the major starting points. According to Stats, about 3.5 billion smartphone users are there worldwide. You can optimize your website for mobile so it can be found in mobile search results. We can help you tweak your website for a user-friendly mobile interface and technical SEO implementation for mobile devices.

E-commerce technical SEO

We have the most effective e-commerce technical SEO strategies to help your e-commerce site get more organic visibility to targeted audiences. With our full in-depth analysis of competitors, we know all the aspects of the business industry, the keyword research, analysis of SERPs, and audits can help to amplify your brand's presence.

Why Digikon Is the ideal Technical SEO
Agency For Your Business

Our technical SEO agency is staffed by seasoned professionals in the field who possess extensive experience in optimizing websites for search engines. Utilizing the most advanced techniques and approaches, we guarantee that your website is optimized to the fullest, catering to both search engines and users alike.

Our Proven Strategies to Gain more Traffic and Leads

With our years of technical expertise and proven strategies, we enhance the visibility of your website, driving a surge of traffic to it. By fine-tuning the structure, content, and code of your website, we propel it to higher ranks on search engine results, facilitating greater discoverability and footfall on your site.

We Bring Back Your Website health and performance

Our technical SEO specialist will identify and fix any technical errors that may have damaged your website's performance in the past. Whether it's a problem with your site's code, structure, or content, we can help you recover lost traffic and revenue by addressing these issues and restoring your site to optimal performance.

We make your website rank on top of SERP

We use the latest data-driven approach, using analytics and other tools to understand what is working and what isn't. Uncovering and rectifying any obstacles that impede your website's search engine visibility, enabling it to attain superior rankings and heightened visibility in search results.

Clients Testimonials

Thalia Pauley

First of all, I am thankful to the professional team members of Digikon solutions for their support. At any time I needed help, they were always there to assist me. I always get a quick response, whether it’s on Skype or by email. Their timely responses have resolved my issues quite smoothly. They helped me grow my e-commerce website; I am very happy with their services and support.

Thalia Pauley
Hadley Malcom

I am greatly impressed with the work of the Digikon solutions team; after seeing real progress, my website’s organic traffic just boosted. I appreciate the Digikon solutions team for putting in their great efforts. By looking at my website results, I can say that it’s the best Technical SEO agency in town.

Hadley Malcom
Beatrice Frost

I have never seen any technical SEO company that fully supports its clients at every step. Their SEO consultancy is so good I learned a lot along the way. My website was penalized by Google, but thanks to the Digikon team, they got my website back with better results than before.

Beatrice Frost
Harley Rios

The Digikon team took my website from slow and clunky to lightning-fast and efficient. They optimized my site’s structure, fixed technical errors, and boosted my website’s performance.

Harley Rios

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s important because it ensures that your website is free of any known technical issues, which helps search engine crawlers better understand and rank your website.

This evaluates your website, among others, and improves your chance to rank.

A technical SEO audit provides a full report of your website’s performance. It also tells the issues and suggests the solution to resolve them. If you want your website to always be up to date and free of any technical issues, then you should do an SEO audit of your site from time to time. You may miss a lot of search engine traffic without a proper SEO audit.

According to Google, the recommended page loading time should be less than 2 seconds. But you should aim for half a second as it’s good for the user experience.

There may be several reasons for this, but here are some of the reasons that may cause search engines not to index your website.

Not a mobile-friendly site.
Slow loading speeds.
Very minimal or plagiarized content.
You may have a redirect error loop.
A plugin can also prevent the crawler from indexing your website.
Meta tags may be set to index or no follow.
Not using the sitemap.

Yes, it greatly impacts your SEO, as, in 2014, it was considered one of the ranking factors by Google. So it should always be considered when making an SEO strategy.

404 errors tell Google that this specific page doesn’t exist, which may cause the crawler not to index your website page.

Google’s penalty is a filter or algorithm that puts down your website if your content is considered spam, if there are any artificial backlinks, or if it adds no value. It may also happen if your website gets hacked.

A schema markup or schema structured data markup is a piece of code inserted in the website’s HTML code. It helps search engines to better understand the content and display it the right way to the user.

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