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Are you tired of not seeing your website on the first page of Google SERP? Or facing prolonged load times,
bad user experience, lot of bugs and errors?

seo audit service solve

 Our professional SEO Audit Service is the secret formula you’ve been looking for to solve these problems and skyrocket your search engine visibility. At Digikon, our team of experts will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your website, uncovering any technical issues or optimization opportunities that are hindering your success. We’ll provide you with a detailed report, complete with actionable recommendations and a customized strategy to help you dominate your competition and achieve top search engine rankings. Our technical SEO audit services analyze your efforts and provide a pathway for changes that will optimize website keyword rankings and revenue. Here we have the best SEO audit UK for the highest ranking of your website.

A One-stop Solution for Your Hundred Problems

Our SEO Audit Service is more than just a one-time analysis. We'll work with you on every step of the way to ensure that your website is constantly improving and adapting to the ever-changing search engine algorithms. We'll also keep an eye on your competitors, so you'll always know what's working for them and how to stay ahead. So If you want an outstanding and professional website audit, you can avail our SEO audit London services.
SEO audit service

What is an SEO site audit

SEO site audit involves analyzing how well a website is doing to identify any faults and improve its optimization for search engines like Google. A technical SEO audit also offers extensive explanations of some of the most prevalent issues that may harm your site, allowing you to comprehend the facts and begin formulating an effective plan to fix concerns.

An SEO audit will not only impress search engines, but it will also provide your audience with a much better user experience – especially while considering factors such as page load speed (nobody wants to wait for results) and content readability – after all if a user doesn’t love their experience on your website, why would they stay?

SEO site audit

3 Reasons Why You Must Get An
SEO Site Audit For Your Website

Website's Organic Traffic

To Revive Your Website's Organic Traffic

If organic traffic to your website has decreased following a recent renovation, site move, relaunch, or another extensive technical, content, or link-related event, you need SEO services.

To Secure Your Website

To Secure Your Website; Before it’s too late

Suppose your website is not secure, which may endanger your visitors’ privacy and cause browser errors. Even for non-transactional sites, providing a secure connection is becoming highly crucial.

Cost-Effective Growth in Less Time

To Get Cost-Effective Growth in Less Time

You need to engage an SEO audit consultant and perhaps acquire a few SEO tools if you want cost-effective growth.This way, you can get more growth for your website in a very short amount of time .

A Professional
SEO Audit Can Bring All Such Proven Results

website's performance

improve your website's overall performance

This comprises refining and optimizing your website's overall performance; it also improves the site's usability. Full optimization includes optimizing page load speed, assuring device usability, and more. As a result, your visitors will enjoy a pleasant and smooth customer experience.

Eliminate errors in structured data

Eliminate errors in structured data

You may boost the SEO of many pages by introducing structured data into your website. These advantages include, among other things, sites promoting an upcoming event you wish to attend, product descriptions, product or service reviews, and overview pages.

mobile researches

Improve mobile site performance

If your site is sluggish to load or does not scale to a mobile browser, you may collaborate with our web development team to make modifications. . We can help you develop a customized SEO plan to match your mobile performance objectives.

Professional Content Writing Services

Remove harmful content

SEO auditing helps remove pages that give little value and do not appropriately respond to Google search queries. This is an essential stage in the page SEO audit; websites have improved their search rankings by deleting hundreds of pages from search results.

Improve internal links

Improve internal links

Internal links are an often-overlooked aspect of the SEO audit process. Although experts are often interested in backlinks, they are rarely discussed. This is unfortunate because merely expanding your internal connections may improve your traffic by up to 40% with far less work.

grow your business

Boost your business

SEO audit services will reveal areas for improvement on your website, which can then be rectified to boost your business and overall standing on search engine results pages. When you boost your online visibility, you will experience more visitors to your site and sales and leads.

Here's a Complete List Of
SEO audit services that we offer

professional seo vs DIY Auditing Tools!

Site speed audit

The duration it takes for your website or a particular page to load is known as page speed. Website ranking is impacted by site speed. Our SEO audit services investigate and fix problems that cause your site to load slowly. Apart from general site audits, we also provide local SEO audit services.

Technical SEO Agency

Technical SEO audit

Technical SEO audit services are essential yet sometimes ignored when vying for the highest tiers. As part of our services, we’ll examine elements like meta titles, meta tags, duplicate content, links, and crawl concerns. If these need work, we can take the necessary actions to improve them.

Quirky and off-beat content

Content Health Check

We’ll review your website’s content, looking for issues like poor readability or repetition to ensure your pages are user and search-engine compatible. We’ll also offer on-page optimizations to help you rank higher in the SERPs. These changes can significantly impact your site traffic and client conversion rates.

Backlink profile analysis

Backlink profile analysis

Our team knows that reputable backlinks raise your website’s trustworthiness and search engine rankings. We may assess if your link profile is damaging your website or seek chances to increase the number of backlinks to it. Therefore, we examine the sources of the links to your website and suggest where to insert external links.

Content Production

Onsite content quality audit

This technique examines your existing blog entries and optimizes the targeting and emphasis. These changes can significantly impact your site traffic and client engagement ratios. In addition, our team will provide you with a comprehensive Content Audit report on monthly basis.


On-page SEO audits

We compile a thorough On-Page SEO assessment and offer suggestions for raising your website’s search engine rankings. These suggestions cover topics like meta tag adjustments, schema markup, and changes to page content. Following that, we’ll provide you with a list of developer-friendly, on-page SEO recommendations.

outrank your competitors

Competitor analysis

We will research your competition using helpful SEO tools to evaluate their performance and determine how we can develop a plan to compete with them.

User focused designs

Visitor's engagement

Websites that offer a better user experience for visitors will be rewarded by search engines like Google and perform higher in SEO rankings.

Our SEO Audit Process

Why Choose Our Website Audit Service
For Your Business Growth?

Personalized Website Audit

Personalized website audit

We are one of the best SEO audit companies, and our affordable SEO audit services are not to be overlooked. Because off-the-shelf audits no longer do that, a thoroughly developed, personalized website audit solution is as unique as your business.

Comprehensive content

All website audits are comprehensive and cover a wide range of concerns, and we do in-depth content analysis for the website’s top ranking.

Comprehensive Content
Dedicated And Focused SEO Team

Dedicated and focused SEO team

Our dependable and enthusiastic SEO staff will handle all the grunt work for you. We’ll offer you performance reports to point out areas that need to be addressed to produce the most remarkable results.

Expert action plans

Our specialists will give an expert action plan on which issues to solve first, how much effort they will require, and the impact they will have on your site.

Expert Action Plans
Results-Driven Process

Easy to work

You’ll receive detailed, compelling reports that are simple to read and comprehend. No words, no muddle. Action is directed forward.

Clients Testimonials

Walter Fowler

I never realized the real extent of the SEO problems on my website until I received the detailed full analysis report from Digikon. And after acquiring their site audit service, the results were really shocking. My website’s performance is top-notch now. Their audit services have been invaluable in helping me understand and improve my website’s online visibility.

Walter Fowler
Abbott Moody

Even after working on SEO for my website for quite some time, I couldn’t seem to get the right results I was expecting. At that time, I decided to invest in my website SEO Audit, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. The Digikon team really did a great job by improving my website’s performance and removing all the technical issues I was facing. And to my surprise, within a few weeks, my website was on the first page of Google. Great job, Digikon team.

Abbott Moody
Jeremy Barker

I never realized the real extent of the SEO problems on my website until I received the detailed full analysis report from Digikon. And after acquiring their site audit service, the results were really shocking. My website’s performance is top-notch now. Their audit services have been invaluable in helping me understand and improve my website’s online visibility.

Jeremy Barker
Carly Perkins

If you really wanna boost your website’s search engine rankings, you gotta hit up Digikon for an SEO audit. These guys seriously know their stuff and they break it down in a way that even a tech noob like me can understand. I’m telling you, their services are incredible, don’t sleep on it.

Carly Perkins

Frequently Asked Questions

An SEO site audit can greatly improve your website’s performance by identifying and fixing all technical and content issues to increase search engine visibility and user engagement, ultimately leading to better ranking and conversion rates.

Hiring an SEO audit service can surely help your business or website to improve its search engine rankings, increase website traffic, and boost overall online visibility and credibility.

As recommended by Experts, an SEO audit should be performed at least once every quarter or as needed when changes are made to the website.

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